MARAND supported MASIT in 9 months procedure for reaching the Authentic interpretation voted in Parliament.

As a partner of MASIT for more than 12 years, we identified the problem for interpretation of Article 14 from VAT Law referring on taxation of services invoiced to non-resident companies.

Together with Macednia 2025 and Tosic & Jeftic Law Office, we prepared the request to Government for interpretation that was the best solution for existing problem.

Mr. Dragi Raskovski, Secretary General of the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia stated that authentic interpretation is a very powerful tool and as a university professor, emphasized that the tool will be used in textbooks.

Minister Manchevski noted that IT is one of the fastest growing industries in our country and North Macedonia strives to become the new IT destination.

You can read more on the following link and watch the full video here link.