Citizens consider that the business climate in the country and the investment opportunities are identical as before (30.9%) and compared to the conditions of one year ago, the country is less attractive to foreign investors (31.6%), according to a public survey on the topic “Business Climate in Macedonia”, conducted for Sitel TV show “Detector”, whose guests were Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjushev, Marijana Andric, representative of MASIT, and Aleksandar Mladenovski, Director of DTIDZ.

“Some of the investments in 2018 are not new investments, but are subsequent phases of existing, which means that foreign investors are not afraid or restrained to expand their capacities in the country,” concludes Marijana Andric from MASIT.

The legislation for both domestic and foreign investors has long been unified, Andric said, recalling “the last discrimination was in the 1993 profit law, which was abolished in 2004”. According to her, “What is more advantageous is investing in the zones because it is easier to set up business and get things done. But getting into the zone requires an investment figure, and domestic investors are reluctant to invest enough money to make it attractive.”

Watch the full interview on the following link Детектор: Каква е бизнис климата за домашни и странски инвестиции